WordPress for iPhone

I’ve just download the new version of WordPress for iPhone. It works well and they’ve managed to integrate it well into the iPhone’s look and feel. It has a surprisingly broad functionality, too, although it’s clearly a pared-down version of the platform. I’ve been looking for a portable blog writer and this fits the bill nicely. Here’s the video, have a look-see.


It’s a pity it doesn’t have ShapeWriter integration – I’d love to see Shapewriter distribute their technology to mobile technology manufacturers, so it can work on all applications. If you’ve not installed Shapewriter, it’s well worth a go – it’s free, and although it requires a little practice, I was impressed how quickly I can ‘type’ with it. Here’s the demo.

WordPress recognises the limitations of the iPhone keyboard for keying lots of text and attempts to address it by implementing a larger keyboard. Overall, judging from my short use it’s not great for long posts but fine for the shorter ones.

I suppose I should have written this on the iPhone WordPress app, but since I wanted to embed the videos I thought, well… that can come later. Perhaps that’s it – it’s useful for drafting material on the move you can which you can then finalise at the desktop.

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