Hello, my name is Phil Greaney. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m interested in a great many things, some of which you’ll find discussed in these blog posts. If I had to narrow it down, I’d say I write mostly about education, literature, technology and culture. I like to take photos and include them here sometimes, too.

I’m currently learning French, snowboarding and photography – all with varying levels of success, all with enthusiasm.

I now live in the Haute-Savoie region of France having recently lived in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m from London originally.

I’ve written on literature in general and literary minimalism in particular. You can find the introduction to my PhD here.

I am a keen amateur photographer. You can find me on the social networking photographer’s site, Flickr, here.

I use the social networks Twitter and Facebook regularly. You can find follow me on Twitter here or on Facebook here.

This is my profile at LinkedIn. I work on a consultancy basis, offering services to the educational and training services, amongst others. If you wish to contact me regarding opportunities you might have, please do so via my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to hearing from you.

This blog reflects my personal opinions and not those of any organisation I am connected with or working for.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to seeing you online.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Phil, I was searching for craftshops and interesting places for my brother, who is living in Geneva with his family. Peter is an architect looking for jobs and also business opportunities…he is impressed with the craft shops in Geneva and would love to get involved in a similar business venture…Life takes us all down all kinds of avenues these days. I wonder if you have any suggestions of places, people, perhaps even other architects that he may get in touch with. I’m his sister and ‘researcher’ (smile). Let me know if anything springs to mind. I think your photographs are great.

    • Thanks for comment about my photos, glad you like them. No, unfortunately I am relatively new to Geneva and France and I do not have any contacts that I think you might find useful. I sometimes use Angolinfo/Geneva website – you might find that helpful. Best of luck.

  2. Hi Phil
    I saw your post on Laura’s ‘learn French site’. We have a place in the Bauges, South of Annecy though we’re in London right now where I’m a screenwriter, film-maker & university lecturer, and my wife teaches at FE college. Interesting blog. I have worked as a writer on computer games, and have colleagues working on educational angles. BTW we have a wood-stove in our house and want to upgrade to something like you have.

    • Hi Phil, good to hear from you, thanks for stopping by. Bauges – very nice. It’s a beautiful area. We’re between St Julien-en-Genevois and Annecy. We moved from the UK about two years ago and have never looked back – we love it here. We work mostly with humanitarian agencies (mine is a different kind of writing to yours it seems) in Geneva, which is only 20 minutes away. I took the liberty of looking you up online – impressive body of work, how interesting.

      We’re going through something of a heatwave here – it was around 15c this weekend when it should be around minus 15c. Do you ski? We were at Grand Bornand – in tee-shirts.

      All the best, keep in touch

  3. Thanks for liking my post.
    Do visit again- there is quite a bit of serious poetry mixed in with the humorous narrative.
    Will be interested to read your posts too.

  4. Hi Philgreany,
    Thank you kindly for passing through and following my site.
    Do let me know if you should need any info in regards to travelling in Bosnia. Will try my best to provide. Many regards and wishing you all the best. Will be dropping by from time to time.

  5. Hello, glad to see such growing and so keen interest in the study of literary minimalism. I’m currently working on a thesis about the transaction of spiritual indeterminacy and minimalism in some of Cormac McCarthy’s works. I’d be so grateful if you can send me a copy of it via email as I couldn’t get the book and I so like to make an acknowledging reference to your research work. Regards!

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