Biketour Update, Day 2: Rain

I probably don’t need to tell you that camping is more difficult in the rain. What you might not know, but can guess, is that it’s even more difficult when you’re cycling everywhere and living out of panniers. Apart from the few hours spent on the bike, today has been utterly miserable.

The route out of Aix-les-bains, like the one that leads into it, is a lovely clear cycle path alongside a relatively quiet road. The path continues into the next major town, Chambery. It is a quiet tree-lined route, and despite the rain was full of runners and cyclists.

Things changed when I got to the Parc Chartreuse proper. I realise now that I was continuously climbing. Every turn saw a new ascent. Even the flats were false flats. Things got so bad that I got off the bike and span by hand my front wheel, in case it was caught on something that was stopping it. It wasn’t.

But then the good stuff – the rain cleared, the road ran downhill for a good 10kms and I had a rest, thinking once again that this cycling business isn’t so bad after all.

I’m staying in a beautiful little town called Saint Laurent Du Pont, in a valley, surrounded by mountains. But alas since arriving the rain has hammered on the roof of the tent. There is nothing much to do, nothing much to see. This isn’t how it was supposed to happen.

But let’s be optimistic. Tomorrow promises sunny spells, even full-blown sunshine. It will make all the difference. Night all.

1 thought on “Biketour Update, Day 2: Rain

  1. Oh! the cycling bussines isn’t bad a t all, hehe, for me is great!!! I carry a small tarp, when it rains i set that first between two threes, so I can unpack my panniers, set my tend, or if is not chilly my hamouc, do my cooking, everything under the tarp, some heavy rainy days I expend them drawing, reading writing, editing videos, but yupe, the time runs slow when you are not on the bike and to often wonder what am I doing! The tarp when extended is about 5m2 and when packed about 20x10cm it weights 500gr! and can also provide good shade under the sun, or a blanket in the floor to unpack your panniers and reorganize them without dirt. I wish you lots of health and adventure ahead of you!

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