My first Flickr ‘Explore’ photo

I started to get many views on a particular photo in my Flickr photostream, consistently, over a period of about a week. That can only mean one thing: my photo has made it to the 0.05 per cent of photos that appear on Flickr by becoming part of the coveted ‘Explore‘ group. I checked my referrals and using other tools, and there it was: it made it into Explore. In other words, it’s got a high ‘interestingness’ rating – thought to be a complex equation based on how many views, comments, faves, etc a photo has. Here it is, and as it appears on Flickr (click on image below for full size).

Trees in snow, Flickr photo by Phil Greaney

Snow trees in winter ©Phil Greaney

I quite like the way Flickr approach the idea of ‘interestingness’. No one really knows completely how it works, it’s like a secret recipe, an alchemy. As a result, Flickr’s forums and some groups are full of speculation on how it’s calculated and what you must do to get your photo included in Explore. Looking through Explore photos, you quickly realise it’s not the best photos, so let’s not get carried away. All I can do is say I had none of this in mind when I took the photo. I just wanted to do the best I can. And I might add that I had to do very little on the day; nature did it all for me.

More important to me than the Explore thing was that my nephew said, quite out of the blue, that he was using my photo as his desktop background on his PC. Now that’s all the ‘fame’ I need.

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