A short video journal of climbing Le Grand Piton

I can see the mountain Le Grand Piton from my desk, every day as I work and now as I write. In the short time we’ve been here, I’ve wanted to walk it, having seen it so often. This weekend, we did.

Like many good walks, it started with a drive to a car park by a church. We left the car in Beaumont, about ten minutes away from home, and started up the steepish path, clearly able to see the tower at the top which was our destination.

And so the walk began. It was very good weather, with a bit of a breeze to keep cool. The directions from our guidebook were very easy to follow and there were very few people around. About an hour or so away, we stopped for a break, where we could see up close and personal what we’d only looked upon from a distance usually.

Two paths diverged in the wood and we, we took the one… with the red rock (it had a big splog of paint on it), which meant we were on the right track. It was the more difficult option of the two according to the guidebook, but it had better views.

The low-resolution, ham-fisted video doesn’t really do this justice, nor does it capture the scale of the view before us – and the peace in which we found ourselves, so distant from the teeming life below. Still – onwards and upwards – we’re not at the top yet. Shortly after, we reached a high spot, which I thought then was the top, and which offered views of the pre-Alps all around.

And now to the best bit of every walk we do – lunch. We had packed lunch as is normal, and we planned to eat when we arrived at the summit. I wondered if Jennie had found a good spot?

And that’s where this story ends. Now, as I write, I’m looking at Le Grand Piton, the very mountain we climbed, and it feels good to imagine myself at its summit, looking down over Geneva, and France, and our home, even this office.

A coda

I realise that posting these videos is more or less like showing someone your holiday snaps or home videos. Sorry about that. But despite my explanation, I can hear you ask: why did I climb the mountain? For that, we need to turn to William Shatner and in doing so, I hope rescue this post from mediocrity. Happy viewing, climbers. (Thanks to Andrew for the video recommendation).

4 thoughts on “A short video journal of climbing Le Grand Piton

    • Yes – I think it should be obligatory. I’m just trying to find a way of introducing Shatner’s ‘Rocket Man’ into the next one 🙂

    • Thanks Keri, it was fun making it. I’ve been walking at the weekend and made another video journal, so I’m posting that here soon.

      Shatner is a like monkeys; add them to anything, and you’ve got comedy on your hands!

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