Social network: Arts away day presentation

Myself and Mary Thorpe gave a presentation to the Arts Faculty at The Open University this week, on social networking. We began with an overview of what social networking means and how it works, and discussed the specific applications of social networking to education, using the Social Networking for Practice Learning (SNPL) project as a focus.

Giving this kind of presentation raised some interesting questions. Our role, I think, was to outline the potential benefits of social networking – but stopped short of ‘selling’ the idea. I encourage healthy scepticism when considering these tools (and indeed most ideas) but there’s a thin line between being an evangelist for some of the tools you think could make a difference; and offering some objective, informative outlines which could then be picked up by those actually teaching using the tools. Anyway, I hope we got the balance right – here’s the presentation, some of which has been culled from the recent Learn About Fair presentation I wrote about earlier.

2 thoughts on “Social network: Arts away day presentation

  1. Thanks for making this available, very interesting presentation. The more I see what you have been working on (and studying) the more I am getting convinced I should make a swift move into another faculty. I gain an impression new social media has been contributing so much to more informed decision-making in my life that this alone is a huge value added. BTW, that also applies to the WordPress application you mentioned above for the iPhone: I am currently looking for a replacement of my old mobile…

    • Thanks Britta. I am sorry to leave this project, although it is in very capable hands.

      The social media stuff has permeated even the move – we’ve made great use of Google Docs to work on a single ‘to do’ and resources document; and Google Chat for discussing and agreeing stuff; and then there’s the sharing with friends via Facebook – and Delicious for the links to exciting new places. How did people emigrate before the web?

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