Trees and ice

I was rudely forced to leave my office this morning following a fire alarm (happily, there was no fire). I’ve had this happen before, so I took my camera and headed to the frozen wastelands of… Walton Hall, the Open University campus where I work. I took lots of pictures (and some video) and this is my favourite.

Trees and ice, Walton Hall

Trees and ice, Walton Hall

2 thoughts on “Trees and ice

  1. As a remote OU student I rarely get a real life image to see of my university. Which I regret. When I was at Walton Hall in April 2008 I found the campus quietly inspiring, a perfect place to concentrate. Actually rather a university located within lovely gardens than the distant chunky range of buildings I had imagined.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Britta Bohlinger Thanks Britta. I took some video, too, which I’ll post in the media section here (when it’s running properly!)

    Yes, it’s a great place to work. I’m in the new Jennie Lee building, which is a bright, airy open plan building with a central staircase spiraling from the Nexus through each atrium, serving the two upper floors. It’s cited here as a measure to other offices:

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